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Commercial Cleaning Brooklyn

We will provide you with trained reliable commercial cleaners, who are under regular supervision and monitored by our managers. The smallest details make a huge difference to the service we provide, whether it is for reasons of security, health and safety or mere convenience. The design of our systems are to ensure that we get it right, all the time.

AllBorough Steam Cleaners are leading commercial cleaning company offering service throughout Brooklyn and All Five Boroughs of New York City at competitive prices.We handle variety of cleaning services. We arrange a survey of your premises free of charge and provide you with a detailed list and quotation for your individual location.

A Clean Office can have a positive effect on Staff Productivity

According to the research of the National Statistic, Illnesses such as cold & coughs were the main reasons for sickness absence in the office. Germs and bacteria that commute from one place to another often cause sickness.

A recent study disclosed the most germ occupy space is offices. This particular study swab-tested five different business, stretching from small to large organizations to conclude that high bacteria levels are present in place such as door handles, photocopier buttons, keyboards of the computer and coffee pot handles.

The bacteria found in such places are known to be very harmful and resistant to antibiotics. Business cannot afford to cut corners when it comes to cleaning their offices professionally. You need a professional cleaning company like us to help with your office cleaning.

Opposite to popular belief, cleaning is not just for the aesthetic look, more importantly, it is all about the health and safety of your employees. You will get more out of your office if the employee come regularly to work instead taking leave due to illness.

A Proper Office Cleaning schedule will look like:

• Dusting, wiping and polishing worktops, surface of desks, tables, filing cabinets etc.

• Spot clean horizontal surface for removal of spillage, marks, and rings.

• Cleaning of fingerprints and smudges from the glass doors and entrance door.

• Sweeping and spot mopping all hard surface floors.

• Empty all trash and recycle bins and remove to a collection point. Replace bin liners as necessary.

• Vacuuming all carpets as well as walkways.

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